Family & Survivor Support

Grief & Support Services Provided to Victim’s Families & Friends.  At notification of a murder, either from our liaison with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department or from the family or friend of the family, contact is made to assist with the following:

Scheduling Candlelight Services

Candlelight Services have proven to be the best way to allow the family and friends prior to the funeral to express what they are feeling. MOM-O provides the PA system, candles and Lapel Memorial Pictures for this service.

The Funeral Service

A representative is present at almost all funeral services. That representative is usually given five minutes to speak to the audience about how they can support the family as well as promote non-violence with the memorial keepsakes that are made available free of charge to those in attendance.

Graveside Balloon Release

At the cemetery, MOM-O conducts a Release of Remembrance Service in memory of the victim. This had proven to be very comforting in that it allows the family to release their loved one and anything else that they may be holding on to that would keep them from moving into their “new norm.” The purple balloons (white at night) have tags attached with a phone number and an e-mail address where the finder can call the family if they choose to.

Birthday and Death Anniversary Services

MOM-O will assist any family when they want to remember their loved one on their birthday or the date of their death. These services are held many times at the grave sight or at the family home. These services are comforting to the family because it lets them know that their loved one has not been forgotten. Candles and/or balloons are part of these services.

Grief Management

Once a month we hold MOM-O MONDAYS, which is an opportunity for our families to support each other and to be educated about grief, the justice system, and violence prevention issues. With their shared experience of loss participants don’t have to explain or apologize for their feelings and can move toward healing.

The CARE Team

An elite group of trained survivors and volunteers that respond to the needs of a family when an emergency/murder occurs. Referrals are made to Victim Assistance when needed.

Annual Thanksgiving Memorial Service

200-300 friends, families and supporters gather together to share memories and fellowship during the festive season. This helps hold at bay the depression and loneliness many survivors feel during the holidays.