Equal Justice

Equal Justice I will educate MOMO families and the Charlotte community at large on their rights and responsibilities, when confronted with the criminal justice system.

equaljustMOMO is using all of its relationships, from the Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, Victims Assistance and Probation to have actual detectives, investigators, agency representatives and other “laws & order” professionals guide us through what we need to know to effectively work within the system to ensure justice, as well as fair & equal treatment.


In today’s society, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the law or unfamiliar with the justice system and its principles of due process. Random violence, terrorism, murder, armed robbery, home invasions, kidnappings and carjacking are happening daily. We have come to realize that the “wheels of justice-just keep turning” regardless of any of our educational, economical, social or cultural deficiencies. The first thing we say is, “I never thought it would happen to me”. Well, it can and it may. Don’t be a Victim! Be prepared! Criminals know what to do. We need to know too!


Come join featured speakers Detective Gary McFadden-CMPD Homicide, Detective Faye Strother-CMPD Domestic Violence, Sergeant Robby Roberts-HITS (traffic unit), Attorney Reggie E. McKnight-McKnight Law Firm and moderator Dan Starks of NBC6’s Don’t Be A Victim.



  • To help build stronger relationships between law enforcement professionals and the community at-large.
  • To create open lines of communication to ensure that the community feels safe and duty-bound to help law enforcement rid their communities of criminal activity, violence behaviors and substance abuse.
  • To help members of the community develop a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities when confronted with law enforcement and the criminal justice system.



  • Complete buy-in and full participation by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
  • Extensive media coverage both before the event and afterwards
  • Multiple families, organizations, community groups and individuals attend the event