Leadership Lock-Up

The Late-Nite Leadership Lockup is a violence and substance abuse prevention and awareness program designed to teach youth how to resist violence (i.e., gangs and guns), the dangers and results of substance abuse (i.e., recreational drugs and alcohol) and the consequences of high-risk behavior.

leadlockinAs apart of our Positive Voices initiative, the Late-Nite Lockup will convene for a 12-hour (8:00pm to 8:00am) combination slumber party/camp adventure, where 100 youth ages 11-15, will engage in frank discussions, roll play, creative exercises and games as well as small group discussions on peer pressure, media influence and “the state of young America, their ideas, concerns and issues.”



  • To engage a minimum of 100 middle school aged at-risk youth in a solution driven dialogue concerning the negative impacts of violence, youth gangs and substance abuse. Our goal is to coach youth people in to believing that they have options to violence, substance abuse and high-risk behavior.
  • To also use popular culture including movies, music, videos, television and video games to show how these images impact their lifestyles, actions and behaviors.
  • Additionally, we want to show how simple strategies of anger management, decision making and problem solving can prevent violent acts and substance abuse, how positive self-image, personal respect and self-control are the keys to personal success and how each individual person has the power and the obligations to say no to violence and violent behaviors and to make a difference in reducing violence and substance abuse in their families and communities.



  • We increased the number of participants to 146 participants with another 34 on a waiting list
  • Evaluation results showed that participants learned specific details that would influence their decision-making when faced with violence, drugs, gangs and sex.
  • Many also expressed that we had changed the way they looked at violence, alcohol and recreational drugs due to the information and guidance that they received from the Lockup.