MOM-O serves families of murder victims in the days, weeks, and years following the murder of their loved one. We provide family support services, violence prevention initiatives, and criminal justice education reform.



We host family support meetings via ZOOM (currently) every 3rd Monday of the Month (unless otherwise noted on social media platforms). Our meetings are led by a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Trauma Professional along with family members on this same journey of grief, forgiveness, healing, and love. With their shared experience of loss and devastation, participants don’t have to explain or apologize for their feelings and emotions. Instead, they can move toward healing in a safe and accepting space. All families and friends of victims are welcome to attend. Please text 980.777.6860 to receive the ZOOM link if you want to join us.

MOM-O Men is an empowerment community of men whose focus is on the health, healing, and happiness of men suffering from grief and trauma. MOM-O Men endeavors to give men a safe space to grieve, share, learn, grow, and heal privately with other men on the same journey to process their pain and thrive. MOM-O Men specifically addresses the needs of men to help restore our community's healthy KINGS to their rightful place at the head of the family, serving and leading our communities.

MOM-O MEN has (2) programs

  • The T.E.A.M (Turning Everything Around Mentally) A group of positive people pouring passion into purpose – is a 90-minute monthly zoom support meeting conducted by a licensed clinical professional supported by the disciples and other men on this same journey.
  • The Brotherhood – A community of men advancing violence prevention and conflict-resolution alternatives while advocating against disparities and injustices that plague disadvantaged communities

MOM-O recognizes that grief is a process - a lifelong journey. We pair an elite group of trained survivors and volunteers that follow-up with families in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one to help address their needs in the wake of life-changing events.

MOM-O hosts memorial candlelight vigils to remember and celebrate the lives of murder victims. This service is a great way for family and friends to come as they are to express their feelings, receive support and reflect on the life of their loved one in the comfort of other survivors.

MOM-O hosts a graveside Balloon Release Service in memory of victims. This allows families to release their loved one and anything else they may be holding on to that would keep them from moving forward on the journey of healing.

MOM-O will assist families when they want to remember their loved one on their birthday or anniversary date. Candles and/or balloons are part of these services.

MOM-O Inaugural Brick Installation Celebration @ Frazier Park 8-22-2021 by Jon Strayhorn


We work with local funeral companies and other service entities to provide discounted services to our families, and as much support and outreach as the family is comfortable with. When invited, we attend funeral services to speak to attendees about how they can support the family and promote non-violence in our community.

We use our extensive network of resources and our dozens of partner organizations to provide services to our families during the initial crisis and in the years of the aftermath that plagues families for decades. Contact MOM-O for referrals.

We work to get family members involved. We have learned that pouring our pain into a passion helps tremendously with the grieving and healing process. We offer families many opportunities to belong to a new community while giving of themselves and using their time and talents to help support others.

Special Oath of Office Ceremony Judy H Williams Honorary Magistrate 8-23-19 by Jon Strayhorn


Coming Soon:

Based on The First 48 (A&E)
Using A&E’s hit television series “The First 48” as the backdrop to educating our young people (age 14-17) on real-life cases in which someone loses their life to murder. Through guided conversations with subject matter experts and survivors, we walk through the case as it happens while identifying and discussing how key characters made individual decisions that had devastating consequences for all. The group will reflect on the gravity of their choices and leave participants empowered to make better choices and equipped for critical life decisions.

Substance abuse and violence prevention program that will educate through group discussions and artistic expression. Artists, subject matter experts and survivors join forces to pour their passion, experience, and lessons into the vehicles of art, language, and nature to build emotionally intelligent young people who believe in themselves, their future and value others.